Sick days in the UK

Absenteeism in businesses in the UK, due to illness, rose from just under 12 million days in 2010 to 20 million days in 2016. The financial cost to businesses reached a staggering £34.9 Billion in 2017. Staff turnover, due to mental health issues £3.1 Billion. Sickness/absence cost £10.6 Billion and the cost of presenteeism, due to mental health related issues, reached £21.2 Billion.

It is apparent that mental health issues are affecting more people than ever before. There is still a reluctance for employees to raise this at work and as a result is having a detrimental effect on their personal wellbeing, performance and productivity. Many employers struggle finding sensitive and unobtrusive mechanisms that help identify mental health issues in the workplace and assist affected members of staff.

Staff Turnover 3.1 Billion
Sickness 10.6.Billion
Presenteeism 21.2 Billion

Not listening could prove very costly to the individual and to your business.

The Centre for Mental Health charity estimates that by improving the management of wellbeing in the workplace costs associated with mental health issues, lost productivity and staff attrition could be cut by a third.